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Custom Patches

As times change,Custom patches is becoming more and more popular.Custom patches are a great way to promote your business, signal your membership in a club, make a political statement, advertise your band, and much more! With an amazing range of custom shapes, sizes, and colors, they’re incredibly versatile.

Work with Zhuoyi, there are only patches that you can’t think of, and there are no patches that we can’t do.As a manufacturer with 15+ years experience in customing patches, we can do 9 kinds of patches with different crafts. Our professional team will suggest your patch type according to your design. Create the most suitable patch for you.

Want to personalize a custom patch for your brand? Contact us now to customize a patch of your own brand!

Customizable Patch Types

custom embroidery patches
As the most classic&popular patch,Made of quality twill and 2d textured threading.It's thick and can support design with 9 colors.
custom woven patches
Made of weave cloth and yarn,they are flat and laundry resistant .Woven is good for high details design and can support with 8 colors.
custom leather patches
Made of PU&Genuine Leather,support Embroidery,Embossing,Engraving,Printing process with any design,size,color and shape.
custom pvc patches
Made of liquid rubber,It's thick,soft and flexible, 2d or 3d options.As the most durable patches ,It's great for outdoor uniforms.
printing patch
Made of satin fabric and colorfull ink print.It's suitable for the gradient and photorealistic designs with unlimited color options.
chenille patches
Made of quality felt and fluffy woolen yarn.3d apperance and soft touch. Support 5 colors and best for letterman jacket.
Sequin patches
Made of quality felt and 2mm or 3mm round reflective sequin,It's suiable for simple design or reflections of different colors.
flock patch
Made of special fabric and thick silk-screen.Heat transfer backing. It's soft and washable, The best option for jersey.
beaded patches
Made of quality felt and bead.3d and bling bling apperance,Good for simple animal design. Can only be sewn onto clothing.

Embroidery Coverage (3)

  • 50% embroidery coverage

    50% Embroidery coverage mean patch with 50% embroiery stitches,we can see 50% twill fabric background. Because it with less embroidery stitches, so it’s the least expensive option on this criteria.

  • 75% embroidery coverage

    These are any patch design that have more than 50% embroidery coverage but not 100%,we can see 25% twill background, this is the most common option for the majority of customers.

  • 100% Embroidery coverage mean patch with full embroidery stitches, we can’t see twill background. It’s the most expensive option between the 3, but it makes patch look nicer and thicker.

Patches Material (5)

Patches Backing (6)

Patch Border (3)

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