The Difference Between Embroidery and Woven Patch?

Embroidery VS Woven

A) Materials

Woven: Yarn and Cloth Made of Yarn

Embroidery: Twill and Thread

B) Details

Woven: Thinner Yarn allow for more freedom of design. Lowcase and even script lettering are usually legible, and text can be half the size it can be with embroidery.

Embroidery: Thicker embroidery thread is not friendly to very small letters, and usually requires a letter height of 4mm.

C) Thickness

Woven: Woven patches have a single level of yarn, and therefore have a flatter look than embroidered patches. Because no base facric is used, the patches themselves aren’t as thick as embroidered patches.

Embroidery: The embroidered patch’s threads are stitched onto a base twill fabric, embroidered patches can acheive different levels of dimension. Dimension can also be achieved by controlling the percentage of the fabric that is covered with thread.



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