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  • Sew On Patches
  • army embroidered patch
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Custom Embroidery Patches

Size:From 1~ 15 inches
Color:From 1~9 colors
Border:Merrow Border, Laser cut border,Hot cut border,
Backing:Paper backing.Plastic backing,Iron On Backing,Self-adhesive backing, Pin backing
Application:uniform, garment,knapsack,hats and shoes

Custom embroidered patches

In more than 10 years of custom patches experience, we can create patches of 9 different techniques, but the most popular is still the traditional embroidery patch.

We always use high quality twill and 2000+ embroidery thread colors (included metallic and glow in dark) to produce embroidered patch.Our embroidered patches are machine washable, dry cleanable, shrinkproof, colorproof and durable. At Zhoyi patch,We are pleased to offer free quote and discuss your specific design and provide recommendations about what may look best.

We are real manufactuer, we have fast turnaround times, and provide pre-production sample to you for approval.Sample time 1~3 working days, Production time 3~7 days.

embroidered patch details

Custom Embroidered Patches Of All Types

Sew On Patches

Sew on patches mean that you can sew it onto the garment.This is one of the most original and strongest methods of use.Whether it has been repeateadly hand washed or machine washed, it can stay there permanently.You don’t have to worry about him falling off.

iron on patches

The back of iron on patch was attached a transparent heat seal,It can stick to the clothes when we use the iron for heating.Because it is convenient to use. More and more people choose it.In order to ensure its firmness, it is recommended to use hot ironing machine.

velcro patches

Velcro patches with hook and loop pieces. The loop piece sew onto garment, and the hook piece attached with patches.It’s one of the most traditional and easy to use patches.It’s not only changeable but can be easily removed before washing.

Aviation Patches

Aviation patches are applied to the aviation industry. It is designed with different aircrafts and names.It is usually used on the uniform of flight crews.

scout patches

Scout patches are designed for fundraising efforts and commemorate special events.It’s also used for Scout club and scout uniform.

name patches

Name patches are usually rectangular in shape with merrow border. It’s designed to consist of name or number.It’s usually used in military uniforms.

jacket patches

Nowadays, patches can be found on any jacket,Everyone from kids to teens, adults, and more are using  patches to showcase their personality and individuality.

Hats Patches

A hat without a patch is not perfect. The patch not only makes the hat rich and unique, but also helps the brand to play a good promotional role.Its usual size is 2.5 to 3 inches.

morale patches

Morale patch is a military ornamental insignia with humorous images and expressions. The morale patches can often be found on military clothing,gear and Backpack.

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Why Choose Embroidered Patch?

Embroidery has the longest history,and the birth of embroidery patches has given new life to embroidery. Embroidery can usually be divided into two types, one is to directly embroider logo on the fabric. The other is made into an embroidery patch.

Compared with other types of patches,Embroidery patches are the most classic and best selling.Embroidered patch made from thick twill and colorful threads.It not only has a 2D raised logo and text, but also feels high quality and thick.

custom embroidery patches

The process of producing embroidered patches

Through more than 15 years of embroidery experience,We have established a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure high-quality and tailored services.


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