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  • Sew On Patches
  • army embroidered patch
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Custom Embroidery Patches

Size:From 1~ 15 inches
Color:From 1~9 colors
Border:Merrow Border, Laser cut border,Hot cut border,
Backing:Paper backing.Plastic backing,Iron On Backing,Self-adhesive backing, Pin backing
Application:uniform, garment,knapsack,hats and shoes

Custom embroidered patches

In more than 10 years of custom patches experience, we can create patches of 9 different techniques, but the most popular is still the traditional embroidery patch.

We always use high quality twill and 2000+ embroidery thread colors (included metallic and glow in dark) to produce embroidered patch.Our embroidered patches are machine washable, dry cleanable, shrinkproof, colorproof and durable. At Zhoyi patch,We are pleased to offer free quote and discuss your specific design and provide recommendations about what may look best.

We are real manufactuer, we have fast turnaround times, and provide pre-production sample to you for approval.Sample time 1~3 working days, Production time 3~7 days.

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Custom Embroidered Patches Of All Types

Military Patches

Military patches are often used for military unifrom and are popular among law enforcement branches. It usually has velcro on the back.It’s perfect for adding patches to backpacks, baseball caps, jeans, t-shirts and more.

tactical patches

The tactical patch is one of the more traditional patches and it is very popular. We often see tactical patches on Tactical gear and Tactical backpack.Tactical patches are usually with Velcro backing.

Security patches

We’re no stranger to security patches. Because it often appears on security uniforms,It can be a simple rectangle. Sizes range from 4 to 12 inches, and it can also be any design of security company name.

police patches

The police patch is one of the first traditional patches to appear. It was stitched onto the police uniform. It’s a sign of identity.It usually with a merrow border.

fire department patches

Fire department patches are an important part of fireman’s uniform,The design of fire department patches include traditional symbols,a fireman’s hat,a ladder,a hydrant and more.

EMS Patches

Custom EMS Patches are for uniforms,This easily identifiable symbol will not only look sharp, but it will also be easily recognizable to the individuals who are being helped.

airsoft patches

Airsoft patches are a means of identifying yourself as part of a greater airsoft team. They can be simple fabric swatches on your clothing to distinguish you from opposing team members.

rudby patches

The rugby patch is one of the most popular patches.It can be embroidery or chenille. It design is a rugby logo and a team name, Any design,size, shape can be customized.


football patches

Football patches are often used for football team uniform,The design usually consists of a football logo and team name.People often create their own personalized soccer patches for various games.

Why Choose Embroidered Patch?

Embroidery has the longest history,and the birth of embroidery patches has given new life to embroidery. Embroidery can usually be divided into two types, one is to directly embroider logo on the fabric. The other is made into an embroidery patch.

Compared with other types of patches,Embroidery patches are the most classic and best selling.Embroidered patch made from thick twill and colorful threads.It not only has a 2D raised logo and text, but also feels high quality and thick.

custom embroidery patches

The process of producing embroidered patches

Through more than 15 years of embroidery experience,We have established a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure high-quality and tailored services.


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