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Custom Fire Department Patches

With more than 20 years of embroidery experience,custom fire department and emergency medical services (EMS) patches have been Zhuoyi Patch’s specialty. Zhuoyi Patches understands that the fire and EMS sectors require extremely durable and professional looking patches, so we achieve unrivaled quality using state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines, the finest twill and colorfast threads.

As a professional custom patch manufacturer, we always use the best twill, thread, velcro and glue for all patches. Our employees are all with more than 5 years of work experience. For easy application of patches, our fire department patches can support iron on,velcro and self-adhesive backing.

Cooperate with the largest patch manufacturer in China, you can get competitive price, high-end product quality, fastest turnaround time and best service. Send your designs and idea for free quotes and samples now!

Embroidery Coverage (3)

  • 50% embroidery coverage

    50% Embroidery coverage mean patch with 50% embroiery stitches,we can see 50% twill fabric background. Because it with less embroidery stitches, so it’s the least expensive option on this criteria.

  • 75% embroidery coverage

    These are any patch design that have more than 50% embroidery coverage but not 100%,we can see 25% twill background, this is the most common option for the majority of customers.

  • 100% Embroidery coverage mean patch with full embroidery stitches, we can’t see twill background. It’s the most expensive option between the 3, but it makes patch look nicer and thicker.

Patches Backing (6)

Patch Border (3)

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