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Custom Police Patches

You must be familiar with police patches,because every police uniform is equipped with police patches. Police patches are special for police uniform. We take pride in creating custom embroidered police patches for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep the rest of us safe.

We can produce police patches in your choice of custom sizes, shapes and styles. Whether you want custom embroidered police patches or custom pvc police patches. We can meet your needs. In order to facilitate the use of patches, we can support customized iron on police patches and custom velcro police patches.

Cooperate with the largest patch manufacturer in China, you can get competitive price, high-end product quality, fastest turnaround time and best service. Send your quote to custom police patches for vest now!

Embroidery Coverage (3)

  • 50% embroidery coverage

    50% Embroidery coverage mean patch with 50% embroiery stitches,we can see 50% twill fabric background. Because it with less embroidery stitches, so it’s the least expensive option on this criteria.

  • 75% embroidery coverage

    These are any patch design that have more than 50% embroidery coverage but not 100%,we can see 25% twill background, this is the most common option for the majority of customers.

  • 100% Embroidery coverage mean patch with full embroidery stitches, we can’t see twill background. It’s the most expensive option between the 3, but it makes patch look nicer and thicker.

Patches Backing (6)

Patch Border (3)

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