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  • custom sublimation patches
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Custom Sublimation Patches

Size:From 1~ 10 inches
Color:Custom Design,color,Size and Shape
Border:Laser cut border, Merrow border
Technology:Digital Sublimation, Printing
Backing:Paper Backing,Iron On Backing,Velcro backing, self-adhesive Backing

Custom Sublimation patches

Under what circumstances would we recommend you do a dye sublimation patch, that is when the design is a photo, or the design has a complex gradient of colors. To achieve the same effect as the design. We usually recommend doing a sublimation patch.

Many customers think sublimation patches common and cheap. Actually not.We can do sublimation + embroidery to make the patch unusual and more layered. Sublimation patches is perfect with merrow border which will make the patch more complete.

At ZhuoYi Patch, no matter what patch you want, we can meet your needs.Upload your design and requirements and let us work together.

digital sublimation patches

Why Choose Sublimation Patch?

When you want to make a certain beautiful photo into a patch as an event commemoration or gift. Sublimation patches are your best choice. It is like our photo printing, which perfectly presents the picture. Dye-sublimation patches generally use a merrow border.This makes the whole patch look perfect.
With the popularity of dye sublimation patches. More and more customers prefer to customize blank sublimation patches for hats,knapsack and clothing.

sublimation patches

The process of Producing Sublimation patches

15 Years experience in producing sublimation patches,We have established a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure high-quality and tailored services.

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